Drone Porn : Imagination Becomes Reality

Since DJI’s latest drone release was announced, I have been drooling ūü§§¬†with the intoxicating thoughts of getting my hands on one. ¬†The sleek design and technology that this drone incorporates is revolutionary . ¬†Here is a great video below from DJI that highlights this engineering feat. ¬†If you are fortunate enough to afford this new… Continue Reading

What is FPV Racing

Drone racing began as an underground activity. Early races took place in empty car parks, and parking garages are still a favourite venue for drone racers. The new sport of drone racing sees small but very fast robots fly around a circuit littered with obstacles. Unlike motorsports we are familiar with, the course of a… Continue Reading

The Future of Delivery Drones

A number of companies are competing and laying the groundwork to lead us into an era where drone deliveries become commonplace. ¬†Companies are aware of the profits to be gained in this new industry and are funding projects like¬†Project Wing,which are collaborating with communities and sponsors to fine tune delivery drone technologies and systems. ¬†Delivery… Continue Reading