Drone Porn : Imagination Becomes Reality

Since DJI’s latest drone release was announced, I have been drooling 🤤 with the intoxicating thoughts of getting my hands on one.  The sleek design and technology that this drone incorporates is revolutionary .  Here is a great video below from DJI that highlights this engineering feat.  If you are fortunate enough to afford this new… Continue Reading

Stunning Drone Photography

Some of these photos look more like abstract paintings, but they’re actually drone shots taken by brothers J.P. and Mike Andrews, from Wolverhampton, England. Check out their work below And visit their Site.

Swiss Peaks

Enjoy this video by Gab707.  Video taken with a GoPro Hero 4 Session mounted on a Strix Awk210 Drone, heading towards the peak of the mountain in Hübschhorn Switzerland.