Indestructible – Insta360Go2 First Flight

I’ve added a new camera, the insta360go2 camera to my gear.

Insta360 Go 2
Diatone Roma F35 – 3.5 inch Quadcopter

I was intrigued when the original InstaGo came out but backed off due to the limited recording times. The unit is so small and compact it heats up very fast.

The new Go2 version has improved this and has adequate recording time. Flying FPV helps with airflow and cooling of the camera to ensure you not only get good recording times, but also has built in stabilization to help make your footage more cinematic.

FPV flying is an indescribable feeling? Often, Flying makes me feel uplifted, happy, like I’m floating on air.

How does flying fpv make you feel? or if you haven’t tried it yet, what is holding you back?

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