“Light It Up” – Create, Dream, Live

Do you ever get a spark ⚡️ of an idea and then that spark heats up and takes on a life of it’s own? I am sure out in the blogger community, many bloggers and creatives of all types can relate to this concept. It’s the feeling of creating something from little to nothing at all.

Recently, I had a spark heating up as I found an older photo that looked promising to play with. Minutes become hours, hours turned into days and before you know it you think you may have something.

Is it great or is it bad? The real question is… Did you enjoy the process?

If yes, then be proud of what you create and don’t fret over what others think.

It can be a liberating experience to put your content out there. Even if you are the only one in the world that understands and enjoys it.

So keep creating, dream for tomorrow, and live for today!

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