Ms. Atomic Bomb 💣 – Cinematic Test Flight

It’s now my third year into flying drones of all shapes, abilities, and features. During these past three years, I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to share my knowledge with others who want to enjoy.

I started out buying quads that were already built but never lasted more than a few weeks at first. Since then, I’ve had to learn how to repair these fantastic machines and also how to build them from scratch.

They are such a fantastic outlet to capture all types of photos, film, and footage you just can’t recreate with traditional gear.

I’ve also really enjoyed using my self taught ways of editing my work and shaping it into art.

This third year, I feel like I am finally progressing faster than I have ever done in the past which is pretty incredible since I get maybe 1-2 times to fly in my free time.

I’m not going to write about the technical aspects of this drone and video, but it was a fun test flight featuring the Tmotors FT5 MkII drone kit which is a nice kit for an advanced beginner pilot as it is already 80% complete. One must only install the camera, video transmitter, and radio receiver, and then program.

This footage is not edited in anyway except for the music I remixed.

Lot of my videos use advanced action cameras which are separate from what I see when ai fly. However, in this footage you are seeing exactly what I was seeing in my flight googles with no color grading.

Hope you enjoy and if you ever want to get into this hobby yourself you may always contact me for advice.

Be safe and we’ll my friends. 😊🐼👍🤙🎞🎬

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