Silent Lucidity – Cinematic Drone – Lucid Nature Flight

“Life is but a dream, within a dream.” – Shakespeare


It’s fascinating how some songs can trigger an emotional response so strong that it can easily shatter down all the walls we keep on building around our hearts. There are few songs with the strength from it’s ability to let us feel vulnerable for a few minutes.

We live in a world where the constant hardships of life turn many people into emotionally-constrained beings. We become numb, rarely letting go and allowing sincere feelings, even sadness, to pass by their existence.

A song can be the perfect outlet through which we can experience emotions and feelings we keep on stuffing deep down inside our hearts, minds, and souls.

To me personally, Silent Lucidity, is one such song. Every time I listen to it, I feel the haunting melody evoke an immense and overwhelming sense of intense sadness and pain. Two feelings many often too often set aside. These emotions get you out of your comfort zone, and reminds us that we are not machines, but human beings.

The Walls you built within come tumbling down and a new world begin.” This is one of my favorite lyrics as I interpret it as the power we have to break down our own personal walls we have built deep inside to experience personal growth. It also is a message and invitation for us to embrace death as a journey to adventure to live life over again in a place where we can finally be at peace, feel safe, and free to fly the cosmos.

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