The Last Air Walker – Cinematic Drone Video

FPV drones may be banned in the future. The thought of this inspired my cinematic video, attempting to capture the emotional essence of flying a drone. Please help keep this hobby alive!!!

If you are interested is helping to save this hobby or want to learn more about FPV drones, please check out the FPV Freedom Coalition with the link below:

FPV Freedom Coalition Link

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    • I’m sorry for your friend. Most governments seem to think the common man has no common sense which I don’t believe is truly the case. Most good natured adults don’t want to do harm, fly by airports etc. Governments feel compelled to regulate but that is only going to stop the good folks. The knuckle heads that they are worried about will still do what they want. Over here I think Google and Amazon bought our FAA for the future of Drone delivery and want all air space including the air you are breathing. It is very disheartening. Tell your friend not to loose hope. It is such a freeing feeling. Take care Paul! Be well and free!

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      • I will, thank you for the thoughtful reply, yes, commercial interests control way too much. And I strongly agree about commonsense, it’s only ever a fragment percent who are negligent and ruin it.


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