“Nothing Compares” – Interpretive Drone Freestyle Dance

“Nothing Compares” is a video I produced using an FPV (First Person View) custom quadcopter drone with a GoPro8 mounted to the top.

I have always been a music lover of a wide variety of music. My music spectrum ranges from classical from my early days as a youth learning classical violin 🎻 at the age of 4 years old, classic rock, blues, jazz, funk,contemporary, folk, metal, RB, Rap, Pop, and yes a little county has hit my music bone the older I get.

Music runs in my blood so I came up with an idea to utilize my flying skills towards a style of interpretive dance. I hope that is apparent in this video.

This video features a cover of the famous Prince song, “Nothing Compares”, featuring a live performance my one of my favorite vocal artists from the 90s Chris Cornell.

In a way, this video is my personal tribute to both artists, both whom left this world way too early. There music continues to inspire artists of this generation and hopefully the generations to come.

I hope in my “free time” to try and expand and improve my flying techniques towards a more cinematic interpretive dance style.

If you have any music you enjoy that you would like me to try and create an interpretive drone dance you would like to see, feel free to send me your requests in the comment section below.

Be well and stay safe Panda Pals 🐼😊✌️!!!

YouTube Version Below:

Vimeo Version Below:

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