Looking Into The Eyes Of An INFJ

An INFJ’s Perspective of the “INFJ STARE” – By Pandemedium


The INFJ Soul-Piercing Gaze is a laser beam. It is intense, shining and full of emotion. It can be downright scary. INFJ will look at you straight in your soul and reveal all your closely guarded secrets.

The eyes will appear focused, present and able to maintain contact on an object or person for long stretches at a time. INFJ eyes tend not to blink or divert their gaze as often as other personality types.

When in deep thought or searching their memory intensely, their eyes may go out of focus and “zone-out”. When this happens the brain becomes involved in a holistic, zen process and accesses all parts of itself in unison to find its perspective. As such they will often respond in universals – from a collective (rather than specific) perspective they have of reality.

Penetrative Stare The eyes fall into a dream-like state and stare off into the distance. The eyes will appear to be looking through the object of it’s focus, rather than being fixated on it

When the eyes come out of this state, they reconnect with the environment, but not as strongly. INFJ eyes have a mild penetrative quality to them at all times.

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