“Quantum Reflection” – Art of The Day

We all have a special something inside of us. People of different cultures and religious backgrounds have a number of names for this. It is an unseen, mysterious energy that all life has. Some call it Chi, or one’s life force.

Whatever name you associate it with, some people are more gifted at tapping into that energy. It can provide individuals with a variety of unique and special talents such as creativity, sensitivity, insight, knowledge, etc.

I have a fondness and fascination with nature, energy, art, psychology, human consciousness, science, and philosophy. I love to spend my time reflecting, and daydreaming in my free time. It helps me as an artist connect greater to that energy.

This is my digital artwork of myself reflecting.

Despite the crazy times we are all living in, no one can take than inner light from us.

Take care my friends!


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