Perfect Day – Video Of The Day

After working a full day, my wife and I decided to take a car ride to our local county park. Here in Michigan, with our current Covid-19 stay at home order, we are allowed to spend time in local parks as long as people maintain our set social distancing guidelines.

We were at least expecting to see a few people, especially since the weather was one of the best we have had here in days. We were astonished to see hundreds of people out that evening. Many families and groups of people were participating and enjoying various recreational endeavors such as walking, fishing, biking, etc.

Many were not wearing masks, protective equipment, and ignoring the social distancing guidelines. It was like our family car had become a time machine prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. Life here, at least for a brief moment, seemed like it was back to normal.

There is a big uproar here in Michigan. Many individuals, politicians, and closed businesses are openly protesting our governor’s shelter in place order that isn’t set to expire until the end of May.

The scene reminded me of a story I read in our local news, where a State park and island called Belle Isle, located on the Detroit River, had to be closed down twice by local authorities due to capacity issues with thousands of people entering the park.

Although it was nice to be outside, we stayed in our car for most of the journey, as there really was no location to safely follow the guidelines with the volume of people. It will be interesting to see what happens in these coming weeks, as our State of Emergency has an official end date of May 28.

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