“Twilight Grove” – Photo Of The Day

Took this picture earlier in the month before everything went crazy with the coved-19 pandemic. It was a great day to be in nature! Can’t wait to get back out there once this is all over.

Twilight Grove
    • It’s getting worse every day. I’m in a hotspot location in Michigan. We have yet to see the bell curve results of the social distancing measures put in place by our government and current are on a statewide shutdown requesting all residents to remain home except for essential service workers like myself. The modeling numbers projected is that the social distancing measures in place will reduce the overall number of infected individuals by 65% and those effects should be observed in May if successful. Hospitals are nearing capacity, we don’t have enough ventilators but continue to get more week by week. It’s going to be a rough couple of months but we will get through this. Besides all of this, it’s difficult for me to describe in detail the amount of widespread panic, fear, and anxiety this is having on our communities. I see it in everyone eyes. The fear of being close to another person even if the 6 feet guidelines are observed. Definitely not natural to see considering we are social beings. It is kind of like watching an old twilight zone episode in real life. How are things over in Australia?


      • Similar but we got in a bit earlier. I’m in the west and our state govt. nailed it quickly. In the east its bad, they were too slow. The cruise ships (Petri dishes) have contributed a lot, plus rich people flaunting the overseas travel in February and bringing it back. Otherwise we would have had little to worry about. The Federal govt were slow and dull, but have finally got it together. Politicians – so slow!

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