“Fowl Innocence”

Here is a picture from this past Sunday. I was able to get out of doing household chores, as my five year old nephew really wanted to see me. My beautiful wife couldn’t say no to the little guy so this funkle got to spend all Sunday afternoon with him.

We had a spontaneous little adventure. We started out playing at his favorite park, I taught him some stuff about drones and did some freestyle for him. I got him his own little monitor so he can see what I see in my flight goggles. He gets a big kick out of that. Next we headed to a nearby lake to see if we could spot any ducks. After spending only five minutes sitting on the bank, three ducks came in to view and headed right for us. One duck in particular seemed to be fond of my nephew and came as near as three feet from us. My nephew got a huge smile on his face observing the ducks drink and bathe in the water.

I think it is good to involve children at a young age to experience nature and teach them about wildlife and ways we need to protect and preserve our environment.

I didn’t bring my camera but I am pleased after some editing how this cell phone photo turned out. It will be a good memory of our day together.

How old were you when you started learning about nature and the environment?

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Happy Trails 🐼


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