Michigan Polar Vortex Party

Wednesday’s frigid temperatures broke records here in Michigan.

Freezing temperatures, which are expected to continue dropping through Wednesday evening, shattered records, according to the National Weather Service.

NWS White Lake meteorologist Trent Frey said the Detroit area broke the record low of minus 4 degrees, set in 1951.

At about 7:30 p.m., Frey said temperatures had hit minus 11 degrees and had the potential to drop more as the evening went on.

Frey said it’s also looking like a record low for Thursday, minus 7 degrees set in 1920, is also set to be broken.

The forecast lowest temperature for Thursday is minus 11, he said.

What is a polar vortex?

The polar vortex is the large area of cold air and low pressure near each of the Earth’s poles. The air flows counter-clockwise near each of the poles, hence vortex.

During winter in the northern hemisphere, the polar vortex will expand, sending cold air southward with the jet stream.

The polar vortex is heading straight south from the Arctic Circle covering the Midwest, including Michigan, with its arctic cold.

Artwork by Pandemedium.


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