My DJI Care Refresh Experience

You may remember back in July, I suffered my first catastrophic crash with my DJI Mavic Pro drone.  Check this link HERE if you want to relive the moment with me.

I wanted to share with everyone my own personal experience working with DJI and the process it took to get my Mavic Pro repaired for my next adventure.

Let me start out by saying that I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to purchasing extra warranties and coverage for purchases.  Having saved the money needed to purchase the drone, I knew it would be some time before I would have the financial resources again to make such a purchase.  Most of the websites I had visited prior to purchase suggested that getting the additional warrenty coverage, “DJI Care Refresh”, was essential.

DJI’s Refresh program is designed to provide the owner a years worth of two worry free replacements for a small service charge, so in most cases you will never have to worry about crashing again.  The coverage states it will cover a variety of accidents incuding water damage and collisions.  So even if you crash in a lake, or river you are still covered.  The only downside is that in order to utilize the coverage you have to be able to  retrieve the drone to send it back to DJI.  If you lose the drone to the drone gods, then you are S.O.L.

I am happy to report that my Mavic is home safe and sound and is as good as new.  In fact, it appears they did not fix my drone and sent me an entirely new unit.  Everything was done online at DJI’s website and I had my drone back within a week.  I thought for sure I would be harassed a bit as I did feel an obligation to report truthfully that the crash was essentially due to my own user error.  It was quite surprisingly a painless and smooth process.

So would I recommend this coverage for everyone?

Most definitely… For the price of 1/10th the cost of the drone.  You’re only paying a small fraction and getting the piece of mind that you can completely destroy your drone two times. There’s literally no reason why you shouldn’t get DJI care, unless you plan on only using the drone for s few days and then selling it. When you have DJI Care, you can be a bit more aggressive flying in close for that epic shot and have the piece of mind when taking creative risks you might not have otherwise been willing to chance.

If you are interested in learning more please see the attached link to DJI’s Website.

Happy adventures everyone 🙂

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