I have really enjoyed spending time with my family who are visiting from out of town. My little niece is an adorable bright light filled with imaginative thoughts and a sensitive soul. Just being in her presence rejuvenates my creative flow.

I think she loves that for an adult, I have a pretty good imagination myself. I have a very easy time interacting with her and understanding why she says certain things other adults struggle to process.

I love that her parents are giving her unconditional love and are not trying to impose their will to destroy that sensitive nature within her like I see in other parenting styles.

My niece loves to learn new things, and I enjoyed an afternoon with her showing her the steps on how to put motors on a drone. “Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey”, was the lesson of the day. 🙂. She also enjoyed using my wire clippers to give the motor wires, “haircuts”. 😂

I have about one more week until they leave for the summer and will hopefully see them again come Christmas. Until then, I will enjoy as much time as possible with them all.

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