Ford Transforming Detroit Train Station Into Future Technology And Development Hub

Michigan Central Station is more than 100 years old and has been vacant for decades – but that will soon change.

Ford Motor Company’s recent acquisition of the train station has been the buzz as of late for the entire Metro Detroit region.

Ford is calling it “the next great anchor” for Detroit’s comeback to prosperity.  

Ford plans to renovate the building in an environmentally friendly way and will open the grand hall area as a public area with the opportunity for local shops to develop.

Ford will use the station as a modern workspace for the company’s research and development of self-driving cars, bringing an estimated 5,000 jobs to the city.  

Free tours are being held this weekend, but there is a registration process and a wait list in place with a growing number of roughly 6,000 people already.  Doesn’t look like I will be taking the tour anytime soon.  But I can’t wait to see the final development.  

This transformation could be the spark that reignites Detroit’s prosperity.  It is something everyone in the area can be proud of.


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