Haircut Experience

Earlier this week, I was having a rough morning and it only got progressively worse as the day went along at my job.  I was feeling an overpowering sense of low self-esteem that morning and was trying to search within why.     I pushed through the morning and made it to my lunch hour and was frustrated that in my rush to get to work timely, I had forgotten to grab my lunch bag.  I decided to try and make the use of my time and walked to the local hair salon by the office to check how busy they were.  It wasn’t busy and the staff said they could get to me within a few minutes.  I scrolled through some random pictures of hair styles and saw a variety of pictures I liked but not a single picture that incorporated everything I wanted.  This lovely stylist took me back and I nervously tried to explain what I was hoping for and showed her some of the pictures.  I was thinking in my head that this is not going very well and I hope I’m not being too difficult of a client.  I also felt embarrassed that I was fumbling over my own words trying to express the picture I had in my mind.  I didn’t think I was expressing myself very clearly and apologized to the stylist.  She gave me a comforting smile and seemed to understand exactly what I was looking for.  I had a wonderful experience speaking with her and our conversation started when I asked about her tattoo.  She opened up to me like so many eventually do and we had a real conversation.  The deep type of conversation I crave about life without the boring chit-chat.  When I looked in the mirror, I was amazed to see how she easily transformed my fumbled words into what I had envisioned.   I was caught off guard and Had to choke down the overwhelming tears of joy I was feeling.  It was such a wonderful experience, and told her that she gave me the best haircut of my life.  She was very touched and I felt the need to provide her a tip that equaled the self-esteem boost and happiness she provided me.  She nervously asked if I needed any change and told her that it was her tip for making my day.  I could tell by her reaction that I may have made her day as well.  The rest of the day I was riding a wave of happiness and received many positive compliments at work.  Looking back at the experience, it is very interesting to me how something as small as a real conversation and having someone translate your fumbled words into your vision can turn your day and mood completely around.  Part of me feels embarrassed that I felt so much better about myself, because of my new haircut.  I feel that it is more important how one looks on the inside and do not put too much value in outward appearances.  But I will accept this contradiction for now and wanted everyone to know that there are simple ways of turning a negative day around.  Sometimes we just need a timeout and a little luck.



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