Snow and Drones Don’t Mix: DIY Waterproofing

For those that are not tech savvy, a lesson many learn the hard way is that electronics and water DO NOT mix.

I know for myself, this winter has been pretty rough. I have been itching to start practicing more with my new drones but haven’t wanted to risk damaging them with my mediocre flying skills.

I have been messing around with some drone flying simulators on my computer to help pass the time, but let’s be honest – a simulator is only a fraction of the fun experienced piloting a quad in real life conditions.

I recently stumbled upon a video on YouTube by “Samm Sheperd” where he demonstrates to his audience how a drone that is treated with a silicone based chemical will actually help protect a drone’s electronic components from moisture failure.

This is the solution I have been searching for. I’m going to try this on one of my own quads and see if I get similar results. I’ll be posting an update after my testing.

You can purchase a 55 ml bottle of the conformal silicone coating on amazon for about 12-15 US dollars.

Please check out Samm’s channel here: “Samm Sheperd”

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