Skyways Urban Delivery Drone Solution

Airbus is getting into the drone delivery game with its own autonomous system.

Airbus’s “Skyways” unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) recently completed its first flight demonstration at the National University of Singapore.

The system uses package stations located in places such as the top of high buildings. As the video above shows, the drone flies onto the station, whereupon automatic sliders gently push the UAV into the precise position so it can receive a package from below.

A robotic arm inside the station grabs package before passing it through an open space in the roof and attaching it to the drone. The machine then flies off to make the delivery at another package station, with the drone taking the package from the drone and placing it in a locker for the customer who then receives a notification that the item has been delivered.

Airbus’s drone can carry packages of up to almost 9 pounds (4 kg).

The project has demonstrated the ability to solve the tricky challenge of making drone deliveries in urban areas, with its system focusing on high-tech collection and drop-off points rather than deliveries to home addresses.



Source: Airbus

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