Rolling Huts: A Modern Camping Alternative Awaits


What awaits you

Whether you’re a hiker, mountain biker, or cross-country skier, the Rolling Huts located in Winthrop, Washington, are the perfect accommodation. Designed as a modern alternative to camping by Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig Architects in Seattle, the huts give guests the privacy of camping, plus the comfort of a hotel with a scenic view.

The six huts are grouped as a herd, each with views of the mountains and away from other structures. They evoke the feeling of a simple cabin in the woods. The huts have a design-forward aesthetic from the architecture to the minimalist interiors. Not camping and not quite glamping either, it’s a pleasant middle ground alternative for modern travelers.


The construction of each hut is simple. It is, in essence, an offset, steel clad box on a steel and wood platform, giving them the appearance that they are hovering. Living occurs not only in the 200 sq ft inside the box, but on the 240 sq ft of covered deck space surrounding it. Interior finishes – cork and plywood – are simple, inexpensive, and left as raw as possible. Exteriors are durable, no-maintenance materials – steel, plywood and car-decking.


Featuring luxury platform beds, full kitchenettes, portable toilet and wood-burning fireplaces, these tiny spaces are practical and luxurious. Each hut also contains modular furniture in the living area, as well as Wi-Fi. Keeping the huts safe from weather are sleek double-paned sliding glass doors, as well as a panel roof made to withstand all types of storms. Full bathroom and showers are housed in the centrally located barn a short distance away.

Each hut is approximately $145 per night for two people, making these huts a an affordable camping alternative.

C052D9BF-E4E1-403A-98CA-5282D92AF616Check out Rolling Hills Website for more details: Rolling Huts  

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