Hunting for Cosmic Gold In Detroit, Michigan.



You may be surprised to see quite a few Michiganders outside, despite the freezing temperatures.  Many are searching their properties and local areas for any traces of meteor fragments that may have landed.

After the brilliant flash and thunderous boom from the meteorite impact yesterday evening, local news and social media forums have been in a frenzy.

Meteorites are quite rare.  They are more rare than many popular precious metals such as gold, platinum, and diamonds.  Finding one is like finding your own personal piece of the cosmos.  They often can sell for $300.00 per gram or more – meaning a 1 pound meteorite can be worth a million dollars.

How do you find these rare rocks?  Each one is unique in shape and size, and is made of either stone or iron. Methods of scavenging for these rocks can be as simple as using a strong magnet to using high powered metal detectors.

According to Washington University in Saint Louis, only 1,671 meteorites have been found and verified in the U.S. in the past 206 years. That’s 7.6 per year.

Only time will tell if someone hits the cosmic jackpot.

Check out this video posted by Scientific American highlighting some useful tips to find your claim to fame.



  1. Very interesting and very educational and I love it I found something extraordinary and beautiful is why I’ve been scrolling through this pin. I don’t know who to take it to because of trust issues and my well being thank you for your knowledge

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